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Ringing in the Bricks

Up until fairly recently, I never thought I hated anything.

I thought I was an upbeat, optimistic sort of man. Even now, I still think of myself that way. However, something inside of me changed that night when my son staggered in from the cold of the night with blood seeping out of his hair and one eye swelled shut.

“I was raped.”

As a father, you never want to hear your child say those words. You never want to think that you’re unable to protect them. You want to think you can keep them safe, tuck them in, and kiss them goodnight until your dying breath. Unfortunately, that’s never the case.

Oh, my Alexei. He looked like he was left for dead.

Alexei was able to describe the woman that had beaten him within an inch of his life, when we finally got him to start speaking again. I could tell from the first syllable that my son was gone. His body was recovering, but his mind… well, I didn’t want to even think about that.

I knew the woman who did it. She and I had a history that extended beyond my being appointed as the health center director at the University of Dreamland. From what I had heard, she was working as a nurse at Nightmarian University’s health center now, but once upon a time she and I had had a few… let’s say “encounters.” Most of them unwanted on my part.

She had attacked my son in order to get back at me for turning her down. I understood that now. Twisted bitch.

Probably the worst part of the whole ordeal was when I tried to report what had happened to the police. They claimed there wasn’t any evidence, but I knew they just thought my son had had a wild night and decided he didn’t like it afterwards. The investigation was only open for about a day. My son—ashamed of becoming a victim, becoming emasculated—recanted his statements. He didn’t want to cause trouble.

Up until she had attacked my son, I had never even thought about Halla again. She was the scar on my neck that wouldn’t fade, but that was all. Suddenly she took on an even more ominous hue, and I wanted her dead.

However, I didn’t exactly go out hunting for that demon-woman. As the director of a health center, I had a lot more on my plate than just vigilante justice—if I didn’t run a tight ship, the students would have problems. I carried on, trying to help both of my sons live normal lives and keeping the health center’s staff in line.

When I finally did encounter her again, it was a Saturday evening and I was on my way home. I had just gotten done with a date at a local German restaurant with my fiancé and was walking home when I smelled a familiar perfume. Honeysuckle constricting my sinuses like some kind of python.

It almost wasn’t surprising when Halla came out of an alleyway in front of me and just glared. She was the kind of girl who gave her prey a moment to indulge in her looks before tearing their colon out with her bare hands. However, that trick didn’t work on me the same way it did with other men. One of the perks of being gay, I suppose.

“Hello, Halla,” I said.

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Siren in the Night

The air stank. Vlad wasn’t sure if it was the mingling smell of booze and vomit or the smell of sex or the mixture of the three, but it was a smell that had been burned into his mind since the moment he had arrived in this Nightmarian city, and he wasn’t sure it’d ever leave him. Either way, he knew it was making his hair curl even further and it was drilling a hole at the point where his nose met his brow.

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