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One Day in the Life of the Jackelope

Note: This is an A/U story made for the RP, Dreamity.

The birds were chirping like the most obnoxious symphony on the planet. By the sounds of it, they had finally put aside their long-disputed differences and agreed on one thing: That that jackelope in the cave was the bane of their existence. He needed to disappear, but for now, all they could do was screech at him and hoped he went away.

Needless to say, Alexei didn’t exactly enjoy waking up that morning. Some days were quieter than others, but this was the worst wakeup-call he had suffered through in quite a while. Still, the sun wasn’t even over the mountains yet, and there was crispness to the air that indicated a changing of the seasons. Even though a part of him was protesting with every fiber of its being, he knew that now was as good of a time as any to get up and get going, especially since he was planning on travelling to the capital today.

Walking down the side of the mountain path, the young shaman could hear the stream babbling. Somehow, despite his grogginess, the sound still made him smile—it always sounded happy and alive, and the water was always cold and clean.

He splashed his face, washing away the exhaustion, the troubles from yesterday, and the irritation at the flock of songbirds. It was half past six, and the shadows from the mountains were shrinking, melting the frost on the grassy plain. Dipping his hands into the cool water once more, he relished in the simple gift of the new morning.

Moments later, it didn’t feel like such a gift anymore.

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